Tuesday, February 4, 2014


In time when the skies get bored
Our stories get old
The warmest embrace gets cold
Someday the sun gets tired
But not me
Let's say your hair turns gray
Your vision fades away
Your tummy can't be out for display
The world becomes fair or unfair
Ill stay, I pinky swear
But it seems that I lose you everytime you feel uninspired,
And it kills me ,every fckn day, 'cause it happens all the time
Is it fair? I don't care. Let the loudest emotions spread the air.
You will be my princess and Ill be your slave
Preparing your breakfast in bed everyday
Let's jump in the shower and then come what may
I'll iron your clothes without the help of the maids
Ill drive you to work and remind you i'll say, "Yesterday I loved you and I love you more today".
Spread my arms and give you my tightest embrace, and kiss you, see you baby at the end of the day.
And when you get home, ill greet you with my pheromone and ask you how was your day
"Tiring, toxic but fck that's okay 'cause tonight you'll be my doctor be my doctor "you would say.
If you kiss me goodbye you wont ever know
That mistakes are not made for letting go
The weak becomes stronger
Our doubts become weaker
Over and over again
Lets start all over and over again

* * * * * * *

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